iGowise is born with a purpose to make true sustainable mobility go beyond the tail-pipe emissions. Our eBikes are unique products engineered grounds up from first principles by keen in-depth understanding of all the problems in the two-wheeler mobility space.  We focus on Elevate your lifestyle!! Be distinctive! Go your own way! Be iGo!!! 

Our eBikes are engineered rugged for our roads while being fully technology driven features that really matter. Our patented twin wheel eBike is first-of it’s kind, best-in-any-class. “Always feet on board” on-demand self-stabilization technology which provides extra stability at low-speeds and zero chanced of skid while tilting at high-speeds. 60 Liters of boot space & unparalleled leg-room. With best-in-class acceleration, a true lifestyle vehicle that offers the most important things for Indian household Safety, Space & Reliability. With 4kWh ultra-durable fire-resistant LFP batteries that offer a practical road-range of upto 150 KM in a single charge with additional 30 KM boost-up charge in just 30 min!! 

India runs on two-wheelers. 60% of Indian households own 2W. While 1000s of EV startups are trying to cash in on this humongous segment faster & fancier scooters & bikes, none of them are offering the most important criteria that consumers are looking for. Stability, Space, Comfort & Reliability.  iGo does exactly that by bringing in the attributes of an SUV in a motorbike. Hence Partnering with Us will be super beneficial to join the iGo community of the latest unique product. 

The battery is ultra durable fire-resistant LifePO4 battery with 5-level intelligent battery management. With a potential to be the go-to choice when it comes to the two-wheeler mobility.  

No, we have a fixed battery. 

We have started with prebookings. Based on the demand and interest from various geographical regions, we will be starting deliveries April onwards.  

You can visit our website http://localhost/beigo4  

Introductory vehicle price starts at 1.1 Lakhs! 

We will provide with the test drives in February. 

A 2 Wheeler Licence will be required to drive this unique twin wheel vehicle. 


Yes, as the speed of the vehicle is 70kmph it will require a registration at the RTO 

OEM is currently taking care for delivery. 

It not only has 150 km practical on-road range but it has a unique 15-15-15 proposition to eliminate range anxiety for good. Users can do a quick plug-in in any regular 15 Amps socket for a quick top-up charge of 15 KM in a 15 minute chai-break. Effectively eliminating the dependence on a dedicated charging network.  2000+ cycle ultra-durable fire-resistant LifePO4 batteries are just what the consumers are expecting. 60 litres of boot space, spacious flat floor legroom, inbuilt pillion footrest platform are the added features. 

BeiGo X4’s real USP is its twin-wheel integrated power-train technology that facilitates on-demand self-stabilisation which can make anyone ride worry free no matter how bad the road is. ‘Always feet on board’ is the perfect way to describe the legs free riding experience even in heavy traffic. Even on slopes. Even while reversing. 

We are soon partnering with few banks which can help you with Financing. We will update on that shortly. 

210 Kg Payload but it can take more load but on the verge of your range. 

Rs.30 for 4 units of electricity  

Yes, they can comfortably drive the vehicle without any issue, we are taking care of that aspect completely. 

Battery is included which has 2000 cycles warranty. 5-year warranty up to 1 lakh kilometres for the select pioneer customers 

For better stability, space and comfort as an SUV. 

No, as of now delivery will be directly from the OEM. 

Once you send us your interest through the Enquiry form the account details will be shared on the email address provided. 

Yes, they will be very happy riding it as they will have no fear of falling down. 

Not presently but we will update the list soon. 

This is in process, we will soon get the certifications from the concerned agencies. 

Yes, you can see the vehicle online as we are planning for an Online launch. Post the Launch we will start the bookings, once you send us enquiry, we will post you the details for the same. 

Quality & reliability are paramount to us. We're doing on-road testing for different terrains & diverse weather conditions.

We'll be launching in the market soon!!

It is fully designed and made in India at the heart of whitefield, Bangalore 

You can raise your request on the form and then the team will reach out to you.